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Miserable sales!! Here’s the solution:

If you are going through business blues, low traffic, gloomy revenue, we are here to help you.


A shopify expert having an outstanding team of professional developers and designers, eShopGenius has made 300 plus happy shopify online stores around the globe.

Starting from the idea of store set up to entering the market as a brand, we help you at every step of the growing business. Thus we make happy clients having successful businesses.

What’s the problem!! Traffic, sales or revenue??

This is the digital era and people love to sit at home, enjoy shopping digitally. So an online store for your business is a great idea but an online business set up is not worth until it brings you the expected revenue. Traffic is the key factor in online businesses to run.

There are thousands of stores running worldwide which are doing the same business as you do. May be selling the same kind of product in same value with same features but still some online stores are doing great. Some are just surviving and some are going adrift in the gloom.

There are many factors which affects the sales on your online store. You should keep a check on them. If your sales are really trifling, there can be many reasons like:

  • Your online store is not visible to your potential customers!!
  • Online store is visible to potential customers but it’s not attracting them!!
  • Customers are landing on your stores but they do not find it a good idea to doing business on!!
  • Customers are finding business policies complicated, thus they leave!!
  • Process is not quick enough to retain the customer till the end.
  • Customers are likely to do transactions on your store but some technical obstacle is there so they leave!!

These are the possibilities for having a low business on your store.

What we can do:

There are numerous small factors which can affect your online business which you might be missing till now. In order to rectify them, we will take a tour of your website in depth and look into these points:

  • Web recommendation/ web pages (UI,UX): User interface is the first thing a customer notice in an online store. Good visuals can do a lot in attracting customers and generating sales. Here, e will review your online store to identify the areas that needs improvement and scope of SEO. We will recommend you the necessary changes in UI, UX which can increase the number of visitors’ traffic.
  • Data mining and Analysis: In this section, we will study the statistics of your online store with the help of some analytical tools. Examining and rigorous analysis of pre existing data of your store will help us to know that at which level traffic is deprived. It will help to find solutions to retain customer on your store.
  • Web Technical Audit: In this section, we will audit over technical areas of your store which can be preventing the visitors to allow for proceed and turning them into leads. We will check all the possible technical issues like site speed, broken link, domain age and expiry, pages with frame, mobile responsive etc.
  • App Recommendation: Apps can do a lot. This is the time of smart phones and people use to enjoy shopping though their phones.
  • Competitor Analysis: In this section a detailed comparative analysis can be done with the competitor stores that are doing well. This can help us to find the gaps.
  • Keyword Report: Keywords are very important in online business. They help customers to find your store among thousands of other store. We can help you with best of the keywords to get your store highlighted.
  • Providing Next Steps: we will suggest you that what task we can perform need basis. We will provide our support further to improve the performance of store.


Plan A


  • Web Recommendations / Web Pages (UI,UX)
  • App Recommendations
  • Theme Suggestions

Plan B


  • Web Recommendations / Web Pages (UI,UX)
  • App Recommendations
  • Theme Suggestions
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Web / Technical Audit
  • Competitor Analysis

Plan C


  • Web Recommendations / Web Pages (UI,UX)
  • App Recommendations
  • Theme Suggestions
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Web / Technical Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Report
  • Providing Next steps
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